A House of Champions


Get crowned the best and most powerful knight in the kingdom


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A House of Champions is a third-person RPG with graphics and gameplay inspired by Super Nintendo. In this game, you're pitted against the dozens of big bosses waiting for you in the House of Champions.

The game's story (which is actually the least exciting thing about it) centers on a knight who wants to become the best in the whole kingdom. To play, you participate in a tournament in which you face all kinds of enemies.

These battles are fun – the best part of the game, actually. That's because in order to defeat the enemies and gain access to over 100 unlockable items, you have to be clever enough to find the right strategy to defeat each one.

A House of Champions is a fun RPG with a very direct gameplay that's sure to entertain you for hours.

The demo version of the game is incomplete.

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